Nature and

E.PuiGGalí is a collection of hand crafter pieces born to inspire and harmonize your home. Enric Puiggalí’s illustrations have a twofold purpose, aiming at transferring the maximum resolution of the drawing to ceramics, as well as opening your home to the world of nature. At E.PuiGGalí we aim at bringing together art, nature, and ceramics.

Unique style

Illustrations are mostly black and white with shades of color. The simplicity of its lines, depict the elegance and practicality of nature, making these pieces high quality and sustainable for perfect everyday use.

Nature inspired

E.PuiGGalí we are environmentally friendly and are committed to avoid toxic emissions, so you can decorate your home with very low environmental impact.

no two pieces are alike

Each one of our pieces is carefully handcrafted and treated as an individual creation. We highlight roundish forms which characterize our pieces before enamel is applied and taken to our ovens


Our ceramic collection will give you the opportunity to decorate your home with unique, high resolution and environmentally friendly pieces based in the animal kingdom.

Humpback whale

One of the biggest endangered species of whales there is, with an approximate weight of 36 tons, and found in all oceans worldwide. Threatened by fishing nets, ship collisions and acoustic contamination, this giant of the sea feeds on krill and small fish, and it’s seen as a symbol of strength, freedom and inner happiness.

Red Squirrel

This species lives at low altitude coniferous forests around the world, and its population is at the present moment threatened by the gray squirrel. The Red Squirrel is seen a big contributor to reforestation of its habitat because of it practices of buying and abandoning food, and it’s seen as a symbol of optimism, balance, precaution and sociability.


This two-thousand-year-old wild sweet water fish was bred in captivity in Chinese temples and water gardens, something that caused a change in its way of life in order to adapt to different environments. This fish symbolizes family happiness, abundance, spontaneity and wealth.

Serama Rooster

The Serama Rooster, with its exceptional low weight of 100 to 200 grams, is original from the Malay province of Kelatan, and is believed to be the smallest rooster in the world. Its friendly nature and beauty, has made it one of the favorite pets in the United States, and it is seen as a symbol of pride, elegance, beauty and friendship.


The Marlin lives in the tropical temperate blue waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans, being one of the fastest at sea. The Marlin remarkable powerful speed allows it to pray on dens schools of fish such as mackerel and tuna, by using its spear to stunt or impale its prey. The Marlin symbolizes the fight, self-improvement, trust, pride, balance and sensitivity with its surrounding.

European Stag

This herbivorous species inhabits the North Hemisphere and lives in herds according to age, where males tend to live a more solitary life. Due to its introduction to non-endemic areas, it is considered an invasive species. The European Stag symbolizes gentleness, renewal, grace and adaptability.


The Hummingbird is present in the majority of ecosystems, from the temperate forests and the rainforest, to the deserts and the highest mountains in the American continent. This pollinating species, that weighs no more than 5 grams, is remarkable by its static flight and its keen eyesight. This species symbolizes prosperity, eternity, fortune, and the messenger of good wishes.


We specialize in transferring our pencil drawing to ceramics, by manually creating a transfer vitrifiable silkscreen for each illustration, which allows us to obtain the full definition of the original drawing.


E.PuiGGalí is made up of third and fifth generation of professional artisans who have maintained the manual production technics of the past, while incorporating the manual technics of today.


We carry out two quality control procedures, the first one being the polishing of the piece with fine sponges, and a second one at the end of the process where we verify the good finish product free of breaks and with maximum display of the illustration.


All our pieces are oven and microwave safe as well as dishwasher safe, however we recommend washing them by hand with neutral soaps, and allowing them to naturally dry or else dry them with a kitchen towel


98% of our packaging is eco-sustainable, using recyclable paper and cardboard.